Child prodigy singer, songwriter and sound producer with a voice eons older than her shell of a 15 year old being. Sophie doesn't write music for any sort of industry; she experiments with different forms of sound and puts it in music to create something different from anything else out there today. She's grooming her multi- cultural personality into art.

This Scorpio star-child who has a deep fondness of Travis Scott and Frank Ocean and a cellular admiration of classic Ray Charles and Russian composer Rachmaninov, Sophie is creating a new-born legacy which will intrigue music lovers to follow for generations. 

She entered the music industry with the first song "Late Night Thoughts" on October 20th, 2017. Her debut single is a blend of heartfelt song-writing merged with her love of art and fashion in which is stylistically embedded in her DNA and will continue to be a center piece of her songs and visions to come.